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One of the great benefits to SaaS (Software as a Service) and web based applications is the ability to leverage API’s to get different applications working seamlessly together. This eliminates double entry and opens up powerful flexible solutions to customers. We’ve been working with the team at Xero (Web Based Accounting) to get ProWorkflow (Web Based Project Management Software) seamlessly integrating through invoices.

Invoices can be created directly inside ProWorkflow, using information from the project (expenses, time, line items etc). There is a simple ‘Send To XERO’ link to push the invoices across. Now they are in Xero, payments can be applied as received. It’s easy!

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I came across this website today through today and couldn’t believe what I was seeing – I thought that as an industry, these types of abysmal web business attempts were a thing of the past. Not just the bad design, but the fundamental concept as a whole and the dollars behind it all. If you think I’m just being negative, then read the comments on Ben’s post and you’ll see this is a general consensus.

Here’s the article on the New Zealand Herald if you want to read the PR guff… There are plenty of hard working genuine businesses out there needing a push – shame on NZ Herald for printing this…

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I found an old email the other day with some thoughts on bootstrapping I’d written to a mate. I thought it was interesting reading over what I’d written, so decided to repost the thoughts here… Here goes!

Regarding bootstrapping, It’s a hard balance. We put lots of time into systems and development, but sales suffer… or we focus on sales and then development suffers… Bootstrapping is fun to a point, then if the intention is to bootstrap through to profitability, the issue is 100% correct allocation of resources between development, sales, systems and marketing.

We don’t have a lot of wasted resource, only a tight team, no flash offices and a few contractors but we do A LOT with what we have. We have a good number of dedicated servers in California and one in NZ, are in profit and have no debt. So the years of hard work are paying off. Not an industry legend yet, but we’ll get there.

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I found this over on the website It was very inspirational! The HP garage has long been recognised as the birthplace of Silicon Valley. The guys at Bleeding Edge TV were lucky enough to get a guided tour of the garage recently along with the “Shed” the Hewlett used to live in. For all you Start-UP entrepreneurs currently working out of your spare bedroom or garage this video should provide you with all the encouragement you need. View the Vid!

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We’ve been curious to try some print advertising, just to see the effect from a marketing perspective. We recently purchased a full page ad in July 2008’s Startup Mag – A spin off from the guys at Make sure you check out their website – they’re doing a great job promoting local businesses.

I’ve copied the full-page graphic of the ad and placed it below, I’ve also noted the increase in account stats from the time we got the data for the magazine ad to now. It’s kind of an odd thing to put ever changing stats in a print ad – but we thought it was an interesting piece of content to ad to lend further product credibility. Check out the pic!

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