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I’ve had a few good chats lately with Patrick Macfie from about what they’re up to with the Start-up venture. This is a great New Zealand based resource for people needing startup advice, info, resources or simply to see who else in in ‘startup mode’ as well. Whilst our company ProActive Software, developers of the ProWorkflow Project Management Solution aren’t in startup mode any more, I wish this website had been around when we were. There’s a lot of great material worth checking out. I asked Patrick to send through a bit more in-depth info about the website and what they’re doing. Here’s what he sent through.

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It’s a hard balance being in the Software/SaaS (Software As A Service) industry. We can put lots of time and focus into systems and development, but sales may suffer… or we focus on sales and then development suffers… ProActive Software ( has bootstrapped (growth through no funding, and only sweat equity) to profitability thus far and this is fun to a point however if the intention is to bootstrap through to profitability as we’ve done, the issue is 100% correct allocation of resources between development, sales, systems and marketing.

We don’t have a truckload of resource, rather a smaller dedicated team and no massive flash offices (ProActive is largely a virtual team). There are a few contractors globally but we do A LOT with what we have.

We’re up to a good number of dedicated servers in California and one in NZ, and are in profit. So the years of hard work have paid off. Revenue is looking healthy and we all earn good salaries (founders work 16hr days).

The biggest problem I see in both the local and global market is the high number of software/SaaS co’s trying to scale, but using (old school) high inertia sales and marketing.

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This wasn’t intentional, but we’re allowed a small marketing win occasionally. Our huge project management software ad was shown alongside the PR piece for another NZ based job management software provider. So they’ll get some traffic, and so will we ;-)

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I’ve just read an interesting article over at about Telcos and SaaS business that caught my attention. It’s an area of interest globally currently; finding ways for SaaS business (powerful software) to partner with Telcos (powerful infrastructure). But it does pose some questions…

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I had some thoughts on the creative spirit of people today when I found my cool old CV. I was cleaning out a desk in the office I came across the old memory – My old CV. Now this is a legendary work of art! It’s made of 5mm griptred aluminium, galv steel gate hinges, is wonderfully semicircular and has semi translucent pages. I made this when going for a job as an effects animator many years ago at WetaDigital in Wellington. Got me thinking that I’m hoping we aren’t losing our true creative spirits to the Internet. Read to find out more…

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