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An innovative Christchurch company is today launching version 2.0 of its highly successful workflow management software. ProWorkflow, the brain-child of Julian and Sarah Stone, and developed with business partner Alan Barlow, is already selling 98% of its software product offshore, less than a year after launching version 1.0.

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Published on: Written By: Carol Webb When newly-weds Julian and Sarah Stone decided to escape the Auckland rat race for Christchurch, scope for trout fishing (him) and horse riding (her) were prime drawcards. But they were soon caught up in the development of worldclass workflow management software that is selling like hotcakes from the […]

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Reactive vs Proactive Selling/Marketing/Lead generation advice

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Published on Zdnet: Just as an ‘out of interest’ note, ProActive Software has an SAAS modeled solution called We’ve been of the opinion that it’s better to have more servers, and less users on them. We’d run about 50-100 customer accounts to a server. The upgrade and maintenance is a little more overhead, […]

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With traditional software selling, you make the sale, turn your back on the customer and move on to the next – “Accountability=none”. The on-demand model is great. If the customer fails, we fail, and vice versa. There is great reason to ensure the service works, not just for the customer, but for the future of the SAAS business too..

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