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We’ve been curious to try some print advertising, just to see the effect from a marketing perspective. We recently purchased a full page ad in July 2008’s Startup Mag – A spin off from the guys at Make sure you check out their website – they’re doing a great job promoting local businesses.

I’ve copied the full-page graphic of the ad and placed it below, I’ve also noted the increase in account stats from the time we got the data for the magazine ad to now. It’s kind of an odd thing to put ever changing stats in a print ad – but we thought it was an interesting piece of content to ad to lend further product credibility. Check out the pic!

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There’s so much talk about recessions, downturns etc that I thought we should all just take a step back, chill, read below and have a laugh. Also, it’s a great way to understand the worlds economic models. This came across my desk today, and it’s pretty much spot on! Economic models using cows! We need one of these to describe different startup business models – maybe I’ll do that…

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I noticed yesterday that Rod Drury – CEO of has decided to quit blogging. I wish him all the best and know that he’ll still be hard at work, but as a software CEO myself, I can also appreciate that there is little time in the day to blog, tweet, msn, txt or chat online – there’s simply too much to do. I also saw in the comments that people were wanting to know of any other New Zealand technology or entrepreneur blogs. There are heaps, but here’s a list to get people started. (Send me any others and I’ll keep expanding the list)

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Recently we had a company voice their objections to the pricing structure of ProWorkflow. Although we have many companies quite happy with the pricing, occasionally someone objects. It’s not the objection to price that is the issue here. It was more that customers often have a lack of education about the basis for the pricing – they simply think it’s a number, and don’t understand the justification.

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Every software or SaaS company has a certain level of customer churn. This can be for many reasons, ie: cost, features, service. Normally it’s simply because the solution isn’t a good ‘fit’ for the customer needs. This is normal and not a negative. It’s better to have fewer, loyal, long term customers than large numbers of ‘high churn’ customers if you want to build a sustainable business. Here at ProWorkflow, our churn is fairly low, and many remain as long term customers. I’ve seen quite a few companies move between businesses and employment and recommend ProWorkflow as they go. I can think of many instances where customers have used ProWorkflow at 3 or more businesses or places of employment. Read more…

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