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Based on my own experience and that of many participants in the forums it seems that the ‘Slow but steady’ is winning the race against the ‘Wham, bam, thank you M’aam’ software co’s springing up. It’s the classic age-old debate of ‘Experience vs skills/speed’.

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Here’s a thought to ponder whilst MSN’ing a mate, yakking on the phone, chatting up the new blonde girl over the coffee machine… There is an actual cost to ‘mucking around’ and being inefficient. Not just the fact that you get more done with focussed effort, but that you are missing out on potential earnings and […]

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We’re at a point in one of our businesses where we need to expand infrastructure further than the available cash/flow can take us. It’s quite a character building place to be. For a few months we need to turn heads to development again (whilst maintaining sales activity) so we can have more products available to offer the current site traffic.

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Reactive vs Proactive Selling/Marketing/Lead generation advice

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Published in ‘Aardvark Daily’… I think it was about 2 years ago when I said to my wife Sarah, “Whatever I do, don’t let me be a web designer”. This was just after a large dot com (or dot business my employer was involved unfortunately failed in a hailstorm of nastiness (Not his […]

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