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  I’m wondering if we need to get a few of these for the new ProWorkflow office! I can just see the team running web demos whilst zipping around the office. Just needs a drink holder. It’s called the “U3-X” from Honda and is good example of the growing number of futuristic transportation devices being […]

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One of our team, Lara, just sent me a link to a great article written by Joel Spolsky about programmers and shipping product called: . The Duct Tape Programmer  . It’s basically saying don’t worry too much about the polish on your code or getting it 100%, just ship it! I talk to other […]

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I came across a neat tool the other day called Wordle – It’s a great tool for graphically representing mass words, tag clouds, etc. I pointed it at my blog and here’s some examples of what it did… ————- About the author: Julian Stone, CEO – Project Management Software visionary for: ProActive Software, ProWorkflow, […]

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Every now and then I see something that’s just beautiful. Check out these wooden (Hardwood) bikes by Renovo. Man, I wish I had one. Great to see designers using materials in creative ways! “The smoothest bike you’ll ever ride, stealth quiet, light and responsive, stiff as you want. Renovo hollow wood and laminated bamboo […]

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I saw these and then remembered my father works for an airline. I wonder if he can sneak me some DC30 Aircraft Cowling? Of just put the side of a plane in his car! We’re moving office soon so after seeing these I’ve decided I’ll put some hours in the workshop and create some cool […]

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