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Looks like have stolen the layout and left navigation from As far as I know they’re two totally unrelated companies (correct me if I’m wrong) so this is blatant design laziness. I blame Bill4Time for this design piracy “do your own design!”.

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I have just seen this awesome video that a mate (and customer) Brendon from Chrometoaster posted on Twitter. It pretty well sums up what most people think of ‘New Media’ people. For the youth of today coming through the IT ranks, I can understand why they would call themselves ‘New Media’ experts, but myself being GenX, having seen ‘real’ New Media talented developers and designers, I can really understand why they get peeved to have their role name hijacked by tech newbies.

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I’ve been getting some mixed reports from customers about the current economy and stat of business. I thought it’d be interesting to ask my fellow tweeters how it’s affecting them. Here’s just a few of the replies… Click the screenshots to see their Twitter accounts:

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Every now and then a comment you say or hear just hits you… I was tweeting away on Twitter and said the following comment:

“Small” is the new “Big” in the global economy. Big is slow, small is fast!

Now I realize that this is a hugely gross generalization etc, but there was some depth to it. Many of the people I talk to in the software realm (many are CEO’s of small/med co’s) are massively feeling the pinch. Sales are down, traffic, expenses up etc. But there’s one thing that stands out. Few of them seem to realize that they have a competitive advantage in being small.

They are able to rapidly change product development, marketing approaches, simplify and automate admin and processes etc.

They’re not so big that reviewing expenses is a a chore, ie: Now’s a good time to review hosting providers, communications providers as they’re not ‘pinned down’ by the administrative and bureaucratic weight of 100,000+ customers.

This is a fantastic time to tweak product or brand focus, trim expenses or change strategic direction. The big players in the market can’t make such changes easily due to the huge bureaucracy, process and resource headaches that follow.

The small can move faster and position themselves better in the market, and the market is definitely changing. Those who don’t adapt will be affected. Small and fast is good!

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ProActive Software’s CEO, Julian Stone designed the solution about 5-6 years ago with help from Co-founder Alan Barlow (his surf blog). I (Julian) tend to keep a fairly low profile commercially although can be occasionally found being social on Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook the ProWorkflow blog and of course my personal blog Julian101.

Here’s a few random facts you’d never have known about me.

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