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Web-based project management solutions offer those responsible for managing projects the tantalizing prospect of no longer being always on call to move things forward. While this is a position some might find uncomfortable, the re-definition of the role this makes possible is attractive to others.

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The new Version 5.0 of ProActive Software’s popular ProWorkflow project and time management package brings a new range of enhancements to the user experience, ensuring that the software continues to equal or exceed the competition yet still retain its affordable cost. ProWorkflow is a workflow management tool provided primarily on an ASP basis through a […]

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Reviewed by: Reviewer: Pablo Varando Product Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars! You know… I am more and more amazed by this product everyday… I have tried and reviewed this product in two ways… (1) Via installation on my local machine (this went very smooth) and (2) Using the online system that is provided […]

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Reviewed by: Reviewer: Pablo Varando Product Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars! I have been testing and using this application for a couple months now, I wanted to test it throughly and to see what problems might arise as time passed… but the joke was on ME! (Go figure ;) I installed ProWorkFlow V2.0 […]

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Published on: Written By: Carol Webb When newly-weds Julian and Sarah Stone decided to escape the Auckland rat race for Christchurch, scope for trout fishing (him) and horse riding (her) were prime drawcards. But they were soon caught up in the development of worldclass workflow management software that is selling like hotcakes from the […]

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