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It’s been a hard week at ProWorkflow. We’ve had the team working long hours to migrate all customers to the new servers in the new data center. A few teething probs but we’re now shifted and under control. We’re all tired, but received an email today that cheered us us and got us motivated again.

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We’re regularly asked about reseller and affiliate programs by happy customers or tech companies so we’re please to offer an affiliate program for referrals to sale.
Refer people and companies to the ProWorkflow solution and when they sign up as an ongoing customer, we’ll thank you with an affiliate payment! Easy!

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The ProWorkflow solution – is a web based project management solution developed in New Zealand by a tight virtual team. Our servers are in California, the CTO (Founder) in New Plymouth, CEO (Founder) in Rural Christchurch with some staff, and a top developer in Fiji! We’re a tight team and we have focused on process automation so our costs grow slower than sales – what we call a low inertia business.

From day one, we set out to build a global business founded on our low inertia business model. We’ve never just been NZ focussed, it is as easy to reach Los Angeles, London or Levin so why not?

We’ve worked hard to setup automation for trials, sales, support, billing, licensing, client account maintenance and support; leaving our staff free to really talk to customers. The model has run in profit from day one and the organic growth has allowed us to invest revenue back into the business to support top class infrastructure to support our SaaS application.

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Most tech-aware people would have heard by now that on 30th Jan 09m Ma.gnolia suffered a massive data corruption and loss scenario. Basically, the poo hit the fan and they lost all their users’ data and had no restorable backups! If you go to their website now you’ll see a sad looking holding page: […]

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ProActive Software is an innovative SaaS company that develops a web based project management tool called ProWorkflow. The business is almost entirely virtual with remote staff in NZ (and elsewhere), servers in the USA and customers all over the globe.

I’m the CEO, Alan Barlow is the CTO and we have a tight team of legends. We spend all our days (and nights/weekends) working on our dream app – ProWorkflow. Here’s the crux through… Although we have thousands of users, and the tool is being well adopted and used by some big companies, because we’re virtual it’s hard to get any sort of ’emotive’ sense of what we’re actually doing for the customer.

If they’re happy, they just use it (and we don’t hear from them), if they’re grumpy they email us, and otherwise it’s relatively quiet! Just a world of ‘ProWorkers’ busily working away. That’s why it’s great to receive feedback (from our feedback survey) like the below comments! These made our day!

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