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Well – it’s nearly the end of Movember –’ve had a crack this year to see if I can create a worthy moustache.  Here’s my effort at restyling my face: —————— MORE INFO ——————— Movember (the month formally known as November) is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year. At the […]

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ProActive Software Ltd, the flagship company for project management software, has been using various forms of online marketing for the past five years and has recently changed their approach to online marketing, rejecting traditional static marketing, to organic marketing with solid results.

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Find out about the unseen downside to Adwords. The rising bid price and lowering conversion rate. It’s slowly changing for the worse and if you didn’t measure it, you wouldn’t know.

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ProActive software is a company driven by metrics. We measure and test EVERYTHING. We like to know what works, what doesn’t and what will drive the company forward. In regards to marketing, one of the most commonly used tools by software co’s is Google Adwords. We did an experiment lately to see how ours were performing.

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Our core product ProWorkflow ( hit a milestone recently with over 1,000,000 hrs tracked through the solution. This was time tracked on 100,000 projects, for about 300,000 tasks. Based on average studio hourly rates, this equates to $100,000,000 as an approximation of the value of work managed using the ProWorkflow solution.

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