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Rod Drury wrote an interesting post over on his blog about what he would do if in charge of Microsoft. Have a read of my thoughts on the issue of rebranding.

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Ben Kepes just posted his thoughts on the XERO end of year results on his Diversity blog. Go have a read as it’s an interesting business venture that many are following with interest.

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I’ve just read an interesting article over at about Telcos and SaaS business that caught my attention. It’s an area of interest globally currently; finding ways for SaaS business (powerful software) to partner with Telcos (powerful infrastructure). But it does pose some questions…

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This is an update to the SWAGS (Silly Wild Ass Guess) post about accuracy of research published online.

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Original Post: Being 37signals for free After reading this post I felt I should speak my mind a bit in the comments section. They’s discussing how easy it would be to copy BaseCamp’s project Management Software product and offer a free version. I thought I should point out a few things in defence of them, […]

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