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Most tech-aware people would have heard by now that on 30th Jan 09m Ma.gnolia suffered a massive data corruption and loss scenario. Basically, the poo hit the fan and they lost all their users’ data and had no restorable backups! If you go to their website now you’ll see a sad looking holding page: […]

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This is a great vid about how little the culture and people of today appreciate technology and the amazing world we live in. The comedian describes youth today as “The crappiest generation of spoiled idiots!” ha ha…

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Why is it that doomsayers popup every now and then with a completely negative message and somehow manage to get major press. Harry Debes, CEO of Law Software has publicly declared that the sky will fall on SaaS (Software as a Service) companies in 2 years. Personally I think it is either a naive, arrogant or plain stupid statement to say “The SaaS market will ‘collapse’ in two years”.

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The other day, I was thinking about heading to Church on the weekend, and knew there would be lots of people to catch up with. One of my pet dislikes is having to re-ramble a canned pre-amble… ie: saying “How are you… I’ve been up to ???” over and over to different people, friends or new.
We keep a personal family blog which has a good summary of all the cool activities the family gets up to… There’s many hundreds of photos online… And a picture is worth a thousand words, so I thought “How can I give people quick access to the blog, so they can see what we’re up to and what we’re about”.

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Just tried logging into Twitter – using Internet Explorer to post about something only to find after logging in, I was presented with a nice bit of XML. Reading through I noticed they use Amazon’s S3 service. In light of the issues with Amazon S3 in recent days, I wonder if it’s a Twitter issue or Amazon S3 issue? Who knows? – It’s just a pain…

Still doing it now after clearing cache, rebooting browser etc – so that’s about 15 mins… I think that Twitter is interesting, but I hope they can solve all these ongoing issues, otherwise they’ll never climb out of the ‘lack of reliability’ hole they’ve dug themselves. Check out the screenshots.

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