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I found this over on the website It was very inspirational! The HP garage has long been recognised as the birthplace of Silicon Valley. The guys at Bleeding Edge TV were lucky enough to get a guided tour of the garage recently along with the “Shed” the Hewlett used to live in. For all you Start-UP entrepreneurs currently working out of your spare bedroom or garage this video should provide you with all the encouragement you need. View the Vid!

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About a year ago, I did a series of YouTube vids for a laugh and also to share some advice I’ve learnt along the way developing . Although I’m a year older now, and a bit more wise and weathered, this advice still stands. Please excuse the poor quality of the sound – I was experimenting with a camera and got some lag. But I bet Twitter wished they’d listened to the first vid!

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One of our latest ProWorkflow customers is an effects shop in San Francisco called “Ordinary Kids”. Check them out over at their website – I have to say, this effects reel is absolutely brilliant – they’ll go far!

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I’ve just seen some visuals (or concepts) of the latest Windows7 design. This look like a copy of Apple’s mixed with navigation systems off the 10yr old SGI 3d apps I used to use… It’s nice to look at for a few minutes, but operationally on a day to day basis? Not so sure – too cluttered any inconsistent. Also, if we’re completely honest it looks a bit thrown together by a bunch of people from the Web2 ‘bug button’ community. It’s just a bit of a dog’s breakfast. Find out more…

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I’ve posted some pics to show why we’re not going to create an offshore call center for support in India just yet.

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