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When we’re a little richer, I think our ProActive Software team need to get a few of these. The Gravitonus Workstation is one hell of a setup that keeps the user in the most ergonomically optimized position at all times.

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Recently, a press editor called and asked for a comment in regards to broadband, considering our particular circumstance. We are a global software company running the business from a remote rural location. Most homeowners in the Canterbury country can’t get broadband. We are lucky enough to have a fairly good connection. It’s a great article, […]

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Based on my own experience and that of many participants in the forums it seems that the ‘Slow but steady’ is winning the race against the ‘Wham, bam, thank you M’aam’ software co’s springing up. It’s the classic age-old debate of ‘Experience vs skills/speed’.

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