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Just for a laugh and in the interest of iPhone experimentation, I built a small iPhone app of the Julian101 blog and twitter feeds! I do realise that not everyone hangs on everything I have to say, but for those out these who leap out of bed in the morning just to hear my thoughts […]

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Isn’t it frustrating when you need customer support from Vodafone and click the ‘Contact Form’ link only to find the popup support form window doesn’t have scrollbars enabled – so the SUBMIT button is inaccessible! Yes, I know I can click the arrow keys or tab to get to the button, but most users wouldn’t […]

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I thought I’d have a crack at the new search engine today. The first thing I did was search (obviously) for “Project Management Software”. Check out the results!

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We’ve just released the new ProWorkflow official team blog – We would like to get some feedback about the design, and feel of the site and navigation. We’re not trying to be leading edge here, just after a simple clean layout so we can keep users informed of updates and changes etc.

This will also be a platform for ProWorkflow team members to have a say, so you’ll get tips from the developers, sales staff as well as product updates and news. We’ll also be featuring customer testimonials and talking about their businesses.

Feel welcome to put your 2 cents in and let us know if there’s anything we should add, remove or otherwise.

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I came across this website today through today and couldn’t believe what I was seeing – I thought that as an industry, these types of abysmal web business attempts were a thing of the past. Not just the bad design, but the fundamental concept as a whole and the dollars behind it all. If you think I’m just being negative, then read the comments on Ben’s post and you’ll see this is a general consensus.

Here’s the article on the New Zealand Herald if you want to read the PR guff… There are plenty of hard working genuine businesses out there needing a push – shame on NZ Herald for printing this…

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