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Just for a laugh and in the interest of iPhone experimentation, I built a small iPhone app of the Julian101 blog and twitter feeds! I do realise that not everyone hangs on everything I have to say, but for those out these who leap out of bed in the morning just to hear my thoughts […]

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Isn’t it frustrating when you need customer support from Vodafone and click the ‘Contact Form’ link only to find the popup support form window doesn’t have scrollbars enabled – so the SUBMIT button is inaccessible! Yes, I know I can click the arrow keys or tab to get to the button, but most users wouldn’t […]

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I took a look at this site ‘GeniusProject’ and the second page I looked at seems to have the words smallest thumbnails! Maybe this is a new concept in image previewing – I’ll call it “Micro Previews”. These are small image previews for people with VERY good eyesight or who sit VERY close to the monitor.

Just a reminder people – Make sure your links work!

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Looks like have stolen the layout and left navigation from As far as I know they’re two totally unrelated companies (correct me if I’m wrong) so this is blatant design laziness. I blame Bill4Time for this design piracy “do your own design!”.

We use GoToMeeting and thoroughly recommend them – Show them love!

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One of the most important factors in any software companies marketing strategy is their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. Everyone wants to achieve a good rank in the search engines as natural search results are essentially free and convert well.

I was looking through the analytics today and was impressed to see that we’re getting a lot more natural search to the website. It seems we’re moving up through the Google ranks nicely. Here’s some good positions I spotted…

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