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Posted - January 7th, 2010


Awesome! After about 6 months hard work and testing, the ProWorkflow native iPhone app is now live and available in the iPhone App Store!

I’m really proud of our ProWorkflow team and the dev team at Curious Media. Curious Media are PWF customers that developed the app in conjunction with the PWF guys. They all put in solid effort to plan, design, develop, test and document this app.

The iPhone app will add some awesome value to our user base and extend the ProWorkflow application’s use past the desktop to anywhere people are connected! This is a first release so we’ll be looking for feedback to develop the solution further.

Although there was significant cost to develop, we have decided to make this app free so it’s easy to download and deploy for all ProWorkflow users and their staff.

Richard has added an iPhone App section to our Help Center to help users get the iPhone app up and running.

Make sure you spread the word! Tell your workmates, friends, colleagues, business contacts, clients, contractors and anyone you can think of!

Download Now!


Posted - January 7th, 2010

Over the Christmas break I was driving around Christchurch and came across this puzzling and slightly dodgy public toilet sign. As you can see below, a public loo opens to the main road and there’s a ‘Man/Woman’ sign on the wall either side.

I’m guessing they must have screwed the contractor who did the signwriting. Alternatively some twit added the small pics next to the bigger ones. Either way it’s pretty funny (and sad). Take a look at the pics below.


And here’s the close-ups of the signs…


Above: Women and very small kids with two heads.
Below: Men with scared, pleading children. haha…


Posted - December 24th, 2009

imageThe team at ProWorkflow have been working extra hard the past few weeks to put out a great Christmas  update for their customers!

Read the full post…

Application changes!
  • Rebuilt Project Details Page
  • New ‘Tools’ section!
  • Removed the need for the ‘Edit Project’ popup & link!
  • Improved the ‘New Project’ popup!
  • ‘Project Settings’ page rebuilt!
  • New ‘Add/Remove Project Contacts’ feature!
  • Moved ‘Add to Favourite’ icon
  • Moved ‘Client View’ option

Support Resources!

iPhone Update!

  • iPhone App submitted to Apple!

Visit the ProWorkflow blog! Merry Christmas everyone!!

Posted - December 24th, 2009

image Thanks to Mark Nead for this great comment. Now, understand that I think Basecamp is great, and has a good following, but the Swiss Army Knife comment about ProWorkflow is on the ball!

There are heaps of powerful features in ProWorkflow that can be enabled as and when needed, but they’re generally hidden to keep the interface uncluttered.

Contact the team to find out more about ProWorkflow


Posted - December 23rd, 2009

I was trying out another online directory called Twellow (as if there aren’t enough already) and added us to the company profiles. There was a confirmation message that came through that gave a minor headache.


Yup! After filling in a ton of info, they can’t put it live as it can’t be confirmed – because the ruddy link isn’t there to confirm it! Come on guys! This is pretty basic and central to companies signing up with you. What’s going on?