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As an ex-creative I can totally appreciate this vid. Sometimes things are best left to the designers  ;) ..

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I saw this pod online. It’s inspired me to think about building something similar on the farm. Would look awesome nestled under the Pine hedges! I’d love to hear if anyone has built something similar – send a pic! Check out

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I came across a neat tool the other day called Wordle – It’s a great tool for graphically representing mass words, tag clouds, etc. I pointed it at my blog and here’s some examples of what it did… ————- About the author: Julian Stone, CEO – Project Management Software visionary for: ProActive Software, ProWorkflow, […]

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I took a look at this site ‘GeniusProject’ and the second page I looked at seems to have the words smallest thumbnails! Maybe this is a new concept in image previewing – I’ll call it “Micro Previews”. These are small image previews for people with VERY good eyesight or who sit VERY close to the monitor.

Just a reminder people – Make sure your links work!

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Looks like have stolen the layout and left navigation from As far as I know they’re two totally unrelated companies (correct me if I’m wrong) so this is blatant design laziness. I blame Bill4Time for this design piracy “do your own design!”.

We use GoToMeeting and thoroughly recommend them – Show them love!

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