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Well, I’m not sure if it’s madness or genius, but these sites are definitely creative! Laugh or cringe, the internet would be a boring place without web businesses like these! Good on them I say! We provide alibis and excuses for our clients. Whether it is spending a night out with a special […]

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I’ve just read a brilliant post talking about how hard it is to actually run a startup and the stresses and challenges we all face. This is one of the most candid posts I’ve read on the topic. I know for us it’s been a long hard slog and there’s still a way to go. Every day is a battle to some degree, but a battle worth fighting.

Whether it’s hard customers, lack of sales, server trouble, cash flow or staff, being in business is all about knocking over obstacles and pushing forward when there’s many reasons not to. The reward comes down the track – not on day 1.

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I found this over on the website It was very inspirational! The HP garage has long been recognised as the birthplace of Silicon Valley. The guys at Bleeding Edge TV were lucky enough to get a guided tour of the garage recently along with the “Shed” the Hewlett used to live in. For all you Start-UP entrepreneurs currently working out of your spare bedroom or garage this video should provide you with all the encouragement you need. View the Vid!

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