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One of the most important factors in any software companies marketing strategy is their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. Everyone wants to achieve a good rank in the search engines as natural search results are essentially free and convert well.

I was looking through the analytics today and was impressed to see that we’re getting a lot more natural search to the website. It seems we’re moving up through the Google ranks nicely. Here’s some good positions I spotted…

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Well, finally all our efforts seem to be paying off. Great referrers, blogs, articles, website optimizations and about 100 other things I can’t go into… All these seem to be finally moving us up through the Google ranks and we’re now position 13 for the keyphrase “project management software” as seen from the US. Looking forward to a page 1 debut if we can get past the other strong contenders…

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I’ve read quite a few blog posts today from various software co’s about how people are excited their websites are working on the new Google browser – Google Chrome. They seem to be really leveraging this release to pad their own marketing. It must be a slow news day all round?

Now I fully realize that this browser has some tricks up it’s sleeve, that it’s revolutionary and sets a new standard etc… But come on people! It’s a browser! Did you really think that you’d check out websites in ‘Chrome’ and they’d be shinier? differently designed? full of errors?

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We’ve noticed lately that our SEO efforts are starting pay off. We’re just starting to pickup some pretty good positions in Google, ranking well for many good keyphrases. Here’s a few…

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Find out about the unseen downside to Adwords. The rising bid price and lowering conversion rate. It’s slowly changing for the worse and if you didn’t measure it, you wouldn’t know.

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