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I have just seen this awesome video that a mate (and customer) Brendon from Chrometoaster posted on Twitter. It pretty well sums up what most people think of ‘New Media’ people. For the youth of today coming through the IT ranks, I can understand why they would call themselves ‘New Media’ experts, but myself being GenX, having seen ‘real’ New Media talented developers and designers, I can really understand why they get peeved to have their role name hijacked by tech newbies.

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This is a great vid about how little the culture and people of today appreciate technology and the amazing world we live in. The comedian describes youth today as “The crappiest generation of spoiled idiots!” ha ha…

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You have 250 projects, 2000 tasks assigned to 25 staff (With 150 projects overdue). The Excel doc you keep track of everything in is 400mb and takes a month to update after getting manual printed reports from the team. The Manager walks in and says “Budget meeting with team leaders in 10 minutes, bring your summaries” – Your heart breaks, you shed a tear and working at a laundrette now sounds appealing.
Your entire project management process hinges on the availability and stock numbers of yellow, green and orange hilighter pens and A2 cardboard sheets in the office. If you run out, chaos reigns.
The new Creative Director comes from the school of ‘Web2.0’ thinking. He tries to instil in you the value of having your project management software run on every wired device possible. He wants your project list available on your Laptop, browser, iPhone, BlackBerry, Car GPS, Bedroom TV, Boat’s Fish Finder and Watch. He also brags about how he can access project data when on a plane, in the car, or on a toilet. Then he asks you to “Go find that piece of software”.

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There’s so much talk about recessions, downturns etc that I thought we should all just take a step back, chill, read below and have a laugh. Also, it’s a great way to understand the worlds economic models. This came across my desk today, and it’s pretty much spot on! Economic models using cows! We need one of these to describe different startup business models – maybe I’ll do that…

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