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We are a New Zealand company with a large global user base for our web based project management software All our SaaS servers are located at the LayeredTech/Fastservers data center in Chicago. They have given us 6-7 years of solid performance with plenty of available staff for onsite 24/7 support at all times. I […]

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I’m loving seeing the adoption of social media by our New Zealand Government and in particular, John Key (Prime Minister). Well done John! Looking back, I don’t think this would have worked with Labour, as Helen Clark wasn’t exactly what I’d call an ‘approachable’ lady, but the Nats  have done it well! John Key is […]

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I noticed yesterday that Rod Drury – CEO of has decided to quit blogging. I wish him all the best and know that he’ll still be hard at work, but as a software CEO myself, I can also appreciate that there is little time in the day to blog, tweet, msn, txt or chat online – there’s simply too much to do. I also saw in the comments that people were wanting to know of any other New Zealand technology or entrepreneur blogs. There are heaps, but here’s a list to get people started. (Send me any others and I’ll keep expanding the list)

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This is an update to the SWAGS (Silly Wild Ass Guess) post about accuracy of research published online.

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Ever seen stats and numbers in a research article that seemed a little off?

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