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Here’s a few great cartoons to keep you laughing for the week. If you come across any more, please send them through the comments below. Enjoy! Managing project scope creep…   Can’t make them all happy!… Love your work!… Too Many Chefs Spoil the Broth… What do you do when your project management portfolio turns […]

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As an ex-creative I can totally appreciate this vid. Sometimes things are best left to the designers  ;) ..

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I know a huge amount of web designers and creative’s and being an ex-creative myself I can totally relate to this vid. This is a humorous look at what some web design clients would be like in real life if they took the same approach to other areas that they do to paying for work  […]

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I came across this Dilbert cartoon and thought it was pretty well on the money with some experiences I’ve had. Just thought I’d share it  ;-) Check out Dilbert here: ————- About the author: Julian Stone, CEO – Project Management Software visionary for: ProActive Software, ProWorkflow, ProWorkflow Blog & Julian101 ————-

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