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Thanks to Mark Nead for this great comment. Now, understand that I think Basecamp is great, and has a good following, but the Swiss Army Knife comment about ProWorkflow is on the ball! There are heaps of powerful features in ProWorkflow that can be enabled as and when needed, but they’re generally hidden to keep […]

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During my daily reading i came across this interesting comment below on an article in iTWeb. It’s just further proof that the project management industry is massive and isn’t looking to shrink anytime soon. Article: The economic stimulus assistance injected into major industrial countries to counter the effects of a global recession shone a […]

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It’s been a hard week at ProWorkflow. We’ve had the team working long hours to migrate all customers to the new servers in the new data center. A few teething probs but we’re now shifted and under control. We’re all tired, but received an email today that cheered us us and got us motivated again.

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I took a look at this site ‘GeniusProject’ and the second page I looked at seems to have the words smallest thumbnails! Maybe this is a new concept in image previewing – I’ll call it “Micro Previews”. These are small image previews for people with VERY good eyesight or who sit VERY close to the monitor.

Just a reminder people – Make sure your links work!

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You have 250 projects, 2000 tasks assigned to 25 staff (With 150 projects overdue). The Excel doc you keep track of everything in is 400mb and takes a month to update after getting manual printed reports from the team. The Manager walks in and says “Budget meeting with team leaders in 10 minutes, bring your summaries” – Your heart breaks, you shed a tear and working at a laundrette now sounds appealing.
Your entire project management process hinges on the availability and stock numbers of yellow, green and orange hilighter pens and A2 cardboard sheets in the office. If you run out, chaos reigns.
The new Creative Director comes from the school of ‘Web2.0’ thinking. He tries to instil in you the value of having your project management software run on every wired device possible. He wants your project list available on your Laptop, browser, iPhone, BlackBerry, Car GPS, Bedroom TV, Boat’s Fish Finder and Watch. He also brags about how he can access project data when on a plane, in the car, or on a toilet. Then he asks you to “Go find that piece of software”.

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