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We came across this review the other day. It was done completely independently by a company looking for a project management and time tracking solution. There’s no single solution that fits everyone, but it’s great to see a company do a proper indepth evaluation of some available tools and even better to see where we […]

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I was cruising the ‘tubes’ this evening and came across a great software review written just a little while ago of our ProWorkflow tool. Check out the review! Software Review: “Like all good online project management software, ProWorkflow manages projects and tasks assigned to users. Where ProWorkflow is set apart from its competition is in […]

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The ProWorkflow solution – is a web based project management solution developed in New Zealand by a tight virtual team. Our servers are in California, the CTO (Founder) in New Plymouth, CEO (Founder) in Rural Christchurch with some staff, and a top developer in Fiji! We’re a tight team and we have focused on process automation so our costs grow slower than sales – what we call a low inertia business.

From day one, we set out to build a global business founded on our low inertia business model. We’ve never just been NZ focussed, it is as easy to reach Los Angeles, London or Levin so why not?

We’ve worked hard to setup automation for trials, sales, support, billing, licensing, client account maintenance and support; leaving our staff free to really talk to customers. The model has run in profit from day one and the organic growth has allowed us to invest revenue back into the business to support top class infrastructure to support our SaaS application.

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We’ve just released the new ProWorkflow official team blog – We would like to get some feedback about the design, and feel of the site and navigation. We’re not trying to be leading edge here, just after a simple clean layout so we can keep users informed of updates and changes etc.

This will also be a platform for ProWorkflow team members to have a say, so you’ll get tips from the developers, sales staff as well as product updates and news. We’ll also be featuring customer testimonials and talking about their businesses.

Feel welcome to put your 2 cents in and let us know if there’s anything we should add, remove or otherwise.

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