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ProActive Software is an innovative SaaS company that develops a web based project management tool called ProWorkflow. The business is almost entirely virtual with remote staff in NZ (and elsewhere), servers in the USA and customers all over the globe.

I’m the CEO, Alan Barlow is the CTO and we have a tight team of legends. We spend all our days (and nights/weekends) working on our dream app – ProWorkflow. Here’s the crux through… Although we have thousands of users, and the tool is being well adopted and used by some big companies, because we’re virtual it’s hard to get any sort of ’emotive’ sense of what we’re actually doing for the customer.

If they’re happy, they just use it (and we don’t hear from them), if they’re grumpy they email us, and otherwise it’s relatively quiet! Just a world of ‘ProWorkers’ busily working away. That’s why it’s great to receive feedback (from our feedback survey) like the below comments! These made our day!

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I’ve had a few good chats lately with Patrick Macfie from about what they’re up to with the Start-up venture. This is a great New Zealand based resource for people needing startup advice, info, resources or simply to see who else in in ‘startup mode’ as well. Whilst our company ProActive Software, developers of the ProWorkflow Project Management Solution aren’t in startup mode any more, I wish this website had been around when we were. There’s a lot of great material worth checking out. I asked Patrick to send through a bit more in-depth info about the website and what they’re doing. Here’s what he sent through.

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An article came across my desk today about – a premium ad-free photo- and video-sharing site. Here’s the article: These guys are a father and son operation with various other family members involved (and now 30 employees). They have a simple revenue model and 100,000 subscribers. Not bad. They’re now about a $12 […]

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Here’s a customer success story from a ProWorkflow user. Another great example of ProWorkflow creating smooth processes!

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