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Just for a laugh and in the interest of iPhone experimentation, I built a small iPhone app of the Julian101 blog and twitter feeds! I do realise that not everyone hangs on everything I have to say, but for those out these who leap out of bed in the morning just to hear my thoughts […]

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I’m loving seeing the adoption of social media by our New Zealand Government and in particular, John Key (Prime Minister). Well done John! Looking back, I don’t think this would have worked with Labour, as Helen Clark wasn’t exactly what I’d call an ‘approachable’ lady, but the Nats  have done it well! John Key is […]

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I’ve been getting some mixed reports from customers about the current economy and stat of business. I thought it’d be interesting to ask my fellow tweeters how it’s affecting them. Here’s just a few of the replies… Click the screenshots to see their Twitter accounts:

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Just tried logging into Twitter – using Internet Explorer to post about something only to find after logging in, I was presented with a nice bit of XML. Reading through I noticed they use Amazon’s S3 service. In light of the issues with Amazon S3 in recent days, I wonder if it’s a Twitter issue or Amazon S3 issue? Who knows? – It’s just a pain…

Still doing it now after clearing cache, rebooting browser etc – so that’s about 15 mins… I think that Twitter is interesting, but I hope they can solve all these ongoing issues, otherwise they’ll never climb out of the ‘lack of reliability’ hole they’ve dug themselves. Check out the screenshots.

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This is an interesting article I came across about how someone uses Twitter. Well worth a read if you’re still trying to find a good use for the tool…
Personally, I’ll be using Twitter for Networking, Feed posting and keeping up with the general ‘culture’ of all things online.

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